LIVE E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Workshop

"How We Helped 9 E-Commerce Brands Generate $34.9 Million In "Additional" Revenue From Their Existing Traffic In The Last 12 Months ($3.8 Million On Average Per Store) By Increasing Their Conversions Using The Dexter Method™️"

In this live workshop you'll learn:

  • Why conversion rate is actually a terrible indicator of success and the one metric you should measure instead
  • The 2 conversion killers that are sitting on your cart page (and how to remove them)
  • Why discounting is actually hurting your conversions and what to do instead
  • The T-REX Matrix we use to decide what to test and in what order
  • The "weird" yet simple test that took us 5 mins to implement that increased our clients annual revenue by over 5 million dollars

Presented By Marc Uitterhoeve | CEO Dexter Agency

Marc is a CRO veteran with over a decade of experience helping E-commerce brands maximize their conversions and turn more of their existing traffic into sales and to date Marc has unlocked over 200 million in additional revenue for our clients

"Dexter Agency have been an amazing partner for us, we highly recommend them."

Mark Zhang | CEO @ Manta Sleep