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"How We Helped 9 E-Commerce Brands Generate $3.8 Million In "Additional" Revenue From Their Existing Traffic ($34.9 Million in total) By Increasing Their Conversions Using The Dexter Method™️"

In This Live Workshop You'll Learn:
  • Why conversion rate is actually a terrible indicator of success and the one metric you should measure instead
  • The 2 conversion killers that are sitting on your cart page (and how to remove them)
  • Why discounting is actually hurting your conversions and what to do instead
  • The T-REX Matrix we use to decide what to test and in what order
  • The "weird" yet simple test that took us 5 mins to implement that increased our clients annual revenue by over 5 million dollars
Presented By Marc Uitterhoeve | CEO Dexter Agency

Marc is a CRO veteran with over a decade of experience helping E-commerce brands maximize their conversions and turn more of their existing traffic into sales and to date Marc has unlocked over 200 million in additional revenue for our clients