We Can Help You Grow Your Store With the Traffic You Already Have

Let’s dive right in.

Don’t want to read all this?

A simple formula for growth

Uh oh, a formula – that’s math!
No reason to stress though, it’s a really easy one:

Revenue = T x CR x F x AOV

When you think about it, there are only 4 ways to increase your revenue:


Get more Traffic


Increase the
Conversion Rate


Increase the purchase Frequency

(i.e. existing customers who buy more)

Increase the Average
Order Value

That’s it. Only 4.

I might be wrong (emoticon don’t tell my wife I said that),
but I’m guessing this is you when it comes to the first one – Traffic:

Yep, got m'ducks in a row

But for most of our clients,
what we typically see when it comes to the other 3, is this:

I do not have ducks, they are not in a row, I have squirrels at a rave

And that’s too bad – because it’s those other 3 that REALLY fuel your growth.

What’s more: by only focusing on traffic, you’re focusing on the most expensive growth lever.

Doubling your revenue without one extra visitor

Let’s say in the next 12 months you want to double your revenue.

Well, you could try and do that only by increasing your traffic.

If that’s the only plan you have, well…

Chances are you’ve already hit a traffic plateau and the extra traffic you’ll get will not only be expensive, but also less likely to be relevant or ready to buy.

It’s going to take a huge effort and budget to double your revenue this way.

But you don’t need any extra traffic at all to double your revenue.

Let’s do the math real quickly.
I know that just mentioning the word ‘math’ here made you go like this:

But just try and stay with me a little longer.

Ok, let’s assume you have:

  • T: 100,000 visitors,
  • CR: a conversion rate of 1%,
  • F: a purchase frequency of 1 (every customer only buys once)
  • AOV: an average order value of $100.

So your total revenue is T x CR x F x AOV = 100,000 x 1% x 1 x 100 = $100,000.

Next, let’s say the traffic stays the same, but you increase the 3 other levers (purchase frequency, average order value and conversion rate) by 30% each.

Now the numbers look like this:

  • T: 100,000 visitors (i.e. the same as before)
  • CR: 1.3% (i.e. +30%)
  • F: 1.3 purchase frequency (i.e. +30%)
  • AOV: $130

These targets look a lot easier to reach than trying to double your traffic, right?

Let’s do the math now: T x CR x F x AOV = 100,000 x 1.3% x 1.3 x 130 = $219,700

See what you just did?

Yep, you’ve more than doubled your revenue!

What exactly do we do?

Two things, actually:

1. Email marketing


Yes, email. I know you’re already doing that – or at least: sort of.

But what we see for most stores, is that they’re leaving money on the table by not doing enough of it. Or by not doing it right.

I get it, email is time-consuming and definitely not as sexy as launching a new ad campaign. So it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Hence it doesn’t get you the results you deserve.

But email can grow your revenue considerably. If you do it right, email should at least be responsible for 20 to 30% of your total revenue. Some stores even get up to 50% of their revenue from email. If you don’t have at least 20% of your revenue coming from email, then we should definitely talk.

Most stores have HUGE opportunities to grow with email. Email simply is the most profitable and most opportunity-rich channel. And we’re not just talking about newsletters. But email automation too – that’s typically where the real money is.

Email is a great way to build a real connection with your customers – and to turn them into raving fans.

With a world-class email marketing strategy, we can increase both the purchase frequency and the AOV.

2. Conversion optimization and A/B  testing

We help you make your site better so more visitors will convert and they will spend more. Conversion optimization doesn’t just work to increase your conversion rate, it’s also a great way to increase your AOV.

The way to do this: we do research to find out why people are not converting and A/B test solutions to get them to convert. OK, I’m cutting corners here, there’s actually a lot more to it – if you want to learn more about it, I’ve written a book on the topic.


So in short, this is the process:

Step 1: we  help you improve your email marketing strategy and execution (both newsletters and email automation) to increase the purchase frequency and AOV

Step 2: we help you increase the conversion rate and AOV with conversion optimization and A/B testing

Step 3 (optional): you buy a boat with the extra money we made you 😉

PS: Typically we work on all 3 steps for our clients. But if you’re confident you have one of the steps already covered – for instance, you already have a boat – then we can of course still work together on the remaining step(s).

If they can do it, you can too…

We have worked with clients like

Airsoft Station.com
Virgin Trains