Our Partners

Please see below a list of pre-vetted experts and technology partners who may be able to help you optimize and grow your e-commerce business:

  • Service Providers

  • Tech partners

Sam Piliero

Founder @ The Moonlighters | GOOGLE & FACEBOOK ADS EXPERT

Sam and his team at the Moonlighters specialize in taking 7 figure E-commerce brands and scaling them to 8 figures using a highly tailored approach to paid advertising and guarantee to beat your existing ad KPI’s (ROAS, Ad Profit, CAC, etc) by at least 25% in under 90 days or you don’t pay. Oh, and they also work on performance.

Sabir Semerkant

Advisor to some of the fastest growing E-COMMERCE brands on the planet

Sabir is an advisor to some of the biggest brands in E-commerce and is regularly brought in by the likes of Matt Higgins from the hit TV show SharkTank to work with their clients and investments. With over 25 years of experience in scaling E-commerce businesses, Sabir takes a more holistic approach to growth and using his 8D Method he helps brands optimize their entire business so they can become less reliant on paid advertising and discounting to drive sales. Sabir guarantees to increase your daily sales by 2X within 12 weeks without increasing your advertising budget.