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More traffic isn't always the answer...

Have your sales plateaued… or even slowed down so much that you’re worried about the bottom line?

Back in your startup days, you would just spend more money on PPC and other ads and… voila… more leads and sales.

With ad costs continuing to go up, isn’t it time to tap into all the ways you can increase sales (hint: more traffic is just one…and the most expensive one).

There are three opportunities to increase sales and profits that don’t require more traffic – I call them levers. Improve each of these levers by just 30% (very doable) and double your business’s revenue in just 12 months.

And that’s with the same or even less traffic than you have now….

I’ve put together a FREE short email course for 7 and 8-figure eCommerce entrepreneurs and marketing leaders, something you can digest quickly but learn a lot. This is specifically for you if you’ve plateaued and want to get growth going again or if you’re doing OK and know you could be doing even better.

It’s called “2x in 12 Months” (2x12), and each day you’ll learn something that could radically alter the way you do business:

Day 1: Why a radical website redesign is that the last thing you want to do – and what to do instead…

Day 2: The most dangerous myths of Conversion Rate Optimization

Day 3: How to figure where you’re losing customers (and their money) – and how much

Day 4: The Amazon approach to website redesign

Day 5: Going beyond the A/B test

This email course is completely FREE.

All you have to do is sign up with your email, and you’ll receive your first lesson (plus, an introductory message), immediately.

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