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Research, testing, design & development
to grow your store’s revenue month over month

Your lean, mean,
revenue-boosting machine

Full-throttle conversion optimization services for stores ready to grow

Tell us about your growth goals

Drumroll, please… Presenting
The Dexter Method™

Wanna see exactly how we break down your data, customers, and goals to grow your revenue month-over-month? There are no secrets here.

We call it the Dexter Method™ (yep, it works so reliably that we trademarked it).

The Dexter Method

This is how we ensure
your continuous growth:

  • Step 1: Data

    Optimizing without data is like baking a cake without a recipe. You might end up with something good… but you’ll probably just waste a lot of time and make a mess in the process.

    To make informed decisions, we collect and analyze all sorts of store data — from tech stats and analytics to in-depth customer feedback and live user session recordings.

    This information shows us where to start creating hypotheses. It also reveals spots where we can confidently EXecute changes that immediately grow your bottom line.

  • Step 2: EXecute

    One inalienable CRO truth is that not everything needs to be tested. In the data-gathering process, we almost always come across a few no-brainer improvements that can be executed right away.

    For instance, if your user session recordings reveal that the “Buy” button simply doesn’t show up on a given product page, welllll, there’s no need to hypothesize solutions. Just fix the technical issue that’s breaking the button.

    Voila: higher conversions and happier customers.

  • Step 3: Test

    Ahem. Notice how “Test” is Step 3 of this process, NOT Step 1. Because without first collecting and analyzing your store’s data, we wouldn’t know what to test.

    Testing boils down to creating hypotheses for improvement, based on what the data tell us.

    For example, maybe we notice that a high percentage of users abandon the shopping cart on the third page of the checkout. So we hypothesize that a single-page checkout will cut down on cart abandonment, then build and deploy the new checkout.

    We prioritize tests based on what will deliver the biggest results and take the least effort. Your site probably has a lot of juicy, low-hanging fruit just waiting to be harvested. Let’s shake that tree.

  • Step 4: Evaluate

    “It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s about how you play the game.”

    You might have hated hearing this old chestnut from your elementary school soccer coach, but you’ll embrace it as a newly minted ecommerce optimizer. No matter whether a test result is a “win” or a “loss,” there’s always knowledge to gain from it.

    (Naturally, you want to win all the time. And we do, too. But even if we lose, we’ll build on what we learned — meaning the next test will have an even better chance of winning.)

    We evaluate test results at the end of every cycle of the optimization process. Then, we use those insights to form the basis of new hypotheses, and start all over again. Speaking of which...

  • Step 5: Repeat

    Oh, you thought we were done? We’re not.

    The real magic of CRO isn’t magic at all — it’s repetition. Repeating the cycle of gathering Data, EXecuting, Testing, and Evaluating means that your store’s revenue will grow month over month.

    Other side effects of repetition may include: better customer experience, happier shoppers, and higher ROI on your AdWords campaigns.

Start optimizing my site

Design & development built
to make you more money

If you’re looking to redesign your site, A/B testing is usually the best way forward. But sometimes there's no way around it, and you need a radical redesign.

Design overhauls are tricky beasts to manage. When they’re handled incorrectly, they can actually result in fewer conversions. Talk about disappointment.

We’ll help you redesign your store the right way, so your new design converts better than your old one. (You know, like it should.)

We’ve said before and we’ll say it again: our #1 goal is to make your ecommerce store more money.

That’s why our entire team of expert front- and back-end developers is sitting here, waiting anxiously to plan, create, and execute a shopping experience that makes your customers say “Daaang, I love this store.”

Start my conversion-driven design
Tom De Bondt

We really appreciate Dexter Agency’s work with our site. They have helped us to double our conversion rates.

Tom de Bondt, E-commerce Manager ZEB

We’ll even train your CRO team
(we’re nice like that)

As a remote agency, we know a heck of a lot about finding and training new employees in the science and art of conversion optimization.

We’d love to help every ecommerce store in the world build their own optimization crew — but until we figure out how to make holograms of ourselves so we can be everywhere at once, we’ll settle for training one team at a time.

Let us teach your marketing team how to get better results. We’ll set you and your staff up with a 2-to-3-day, stress-free virtual training that leaves you with a solid understanding of conversion optimization fundamentals. The best part? You don’t even have to wear pants.

We can even track down and vet qualified remote candidates for your new or existing optimization program. You’ll end up with the perfect employee, without having to spend tons of time interviewing applicants.

Train my team

Why choose us over the other guys?

Aside from our dazzling charm and penchant for getting astonishing results, there’s another good reason to work with Dexter: we hire only the best.

Your project team is made up of multiple dedicated specialists:

  • A conversion strategist who’ll be your main point of contact. This brainiac handles the research process, creates test wireframes, and analyzes test results. Talk about a wunderkind.
  • A UX designer who designs clear, user-friendly test variants based on the conversion strategist’s wireframes. Hello, happy customers.
  • A copywriter who mines your customer research for gems, structures your message more effectively, and writes new copy for test variants. Say sayonara to ineffective copy.
  • A front-end developer who codes and publishes the test variants on your site. No more waiting around for design execution!
  • A QA specialist who checks the test variants thoroughly in different browsers and devices — so you’re always 100% sure that your test versions are working and displaying correctly. Whew.

Ready for results, revenue, & a really good time?

Start working with us or meet the team