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How we generated $2,435,542 in additional revenue for Unimart using the dexter method™️

What the client had to say

Unimart came to us in October 2021. They were doing on average 400k a month (with exceptions like BFCM and other big sales) and they were looking to grow and get more stable, so that they could expand to other countries


The CPA increased which made it harder to be profitable - they needed to tap into other methods to run their business in a more sustainable and futureproof way. Buying more traffic wasn’t an option, since that would only reduce their ROAS.
Besides, they had a lot of traffic, so that wasn’t the issue. They just needed more of that traffic to convert. 

They didn’t have the resources in-house to take on CRO themselves and they didn’t know where to start and what would move the needle. They needed someone to show them the priorities and where they were leaving money on the table.

Achieved Results

We ran 40 tests and had a win rate of 48% (we aim for a 25%-33% win rate, which is above average). In that time, we unlocked $2,435,542 in hidden revenue opportunities.

In September 2022, after 10 months of testing, they had a revenue that was 60.27% higher than the year before. Their AOV was 25.70% higher.



Short Term Results
They went from a CR that was 19% higher YOY to +40% conversion rate YOY within the first 5 months

Long Term Results
$2,435,542 in unlocked revenue with an AOV of +25.70%

Roberto Jimenez
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