CASE STUDY | Manta Sleep

A staggering 51.48% increase in AOV

and 9% Increase In revenue

In 2021, Manta Sleep came to us to grow their revenue and profitability. We applied our Dexter Method and found ways to improve the usability of the site. Whilst adding more products to their assortment, we helped visitors finding the right product and increasing the AOV.


Manta Sleep wanted to get more profitable and were struggling with the question if they should just increase their pricing. They needed higher margins, but didn't want to risk losing sales. CRO would help them get more out of their existing traffic. They had already tried CRO in-house, but that didn't generate results. 

Achieved Results

The Conversion rate was 10.71% higher in 2021 compared to the year before and the AOV +22.25%. In 2022 the conversion rate decreased when pushing on the AOV. This resulted in a staggering 51.48% increase in AOV. 

Overall Manta Sleep experienced a 89.62% increase in revenue in 24 months.

Manta Sleep

DTC Sleep Accessories Brand

Short Term Results
30 execute items (issues that don't need to be tested) and 162 test ideas

Long Term Results
Q1 2023 vs Q1 2021 = +89.62% revenue

Mark Zhang
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$719,668 In Additional Revenue Generated From Existing Traffic In 8 Months By Increasing Conversion Rate By 9.95% And Average Revenue Per User By 15.56%
stagering 51.48% increase in AOV and 9% Increase In revenue
$2,435,542 in unlocked revenue with an AOV of +25.70%
From unhappy with their conversions to $2,743,732 In Additional Revenue