€606,812 In Additional Annual Revenue In The First 30 days Of Testing

Hubo is a well-established and known company in Belgium - they have been around for years. Most people come to their website with buy intent. However, Hubo thought they could do better. Even a slightest improvement in their conversion rate could already increase their annual revenue by hundreds of thousands euros. After we audited their account, we indeed saw a lot of opportunity to improve their conversion rate, and with their volume a great ROI is basically guaranteed. 

Achieved Results

In the first month, we were able to generate an additional 600k in yearly revenue for them and in the first 3.5 months of our collaboration we already have increased their conversion rate by 10%. And there is still more to test.


DIY retailer

Short Term Results
€606,812 In Additional Annual Revenue Generated In The First 30 Days

Long Term Results
A 13.18% increase in conversion rate in the first 4 months

Bart Peeters
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€606,812 In Additional annual Revenue generated in the first 30 days