CASE STUDY | Eu Natural

From unhappy with their conversions to $2,743,732 In Additional Revenue using the dexter method™️

When Eu Natural came to us, they were relying a lot on Google Ads, social ads and email.

At first sight, it seemed like they were doing fine, but reality was that they were pumping in a lot of budget into acquiring their traffic.

They also had quite a lot of landing pages of which the conversion rate was low.

They wanted us to help creating landing pages that would convert and therefore would boost their e-commerce store (and increase their profit).

Achieved Results

Where we initially had a test on their landing pages that would decrease their conversion rate by 13.81%, we used those learnings on the next test and increased the conversion rate by 13.41%.

Our biggest win was an uplift of 36.06% (which in CRO is an insane uplift with just 1 test) by improving the add-to-cart area. 

In total, we ran 90 tests across their entire website in span of two years, in which we achieved a win-rate of 41%, which is above the average we strive to achieve (between 25%-33%). 

In that time, we unlocked $2,743,732 in yearly revenue. 

A word from the client

"Dexter has been absolutely amazing to work with as a CRO agency. The communication is excellent and they always go above and beyond the call of duty to help us. I feel like we are in really good hands with Dexter and they are highly recommended by me"

Dan Dashnaw

Eu Natural

DTC Supplements

Short Term Results
+10% increase in conversion rate in Weeks

Long Term Results
$2,743,732 in Additional revenue Generated

Dan Dashnaw
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