$719,668 In Additional Revenue generated from existing traffic in 8 Months by increasing conversion rate by 9.95% and average revenue per user by 15.56%


This client had read our founder Joris's book on Conversion Rate Optimization and realized that they needed help in setting up a good CRO strategy. 

They were doing quite a few things and they did have their customer personas and value proposition in place but they didn't know what would move the needle for them and how to prioritize tests.

They did some A/B tests, wrote blogs, and were thinking of introducing a quiz. The main focus was on their blog and they were wondering if the length of the funnel was good enough. Do they needed to increase their copy or reduce it? Add more CTAs perhaps?

We quickly identified that the blogs shouldn't have their main focus - it would barely move the needle. Instead, money could be made on improving their product page, cart and checkout funnel. Besides, they had some big issues with the A/B tests they ran on their own, which in some cases had been leading them to wrong conclusions.

Results Achieved

We had a great winner with restructuring their entire cart page (the average revenue per user increased 15.56%), and also by making changes in their navigation menu, so that is was easier for users to find the products based on the benefit of the supplements (conversion rate increase of +9.95%). So far, we have unlocked $719,668 in additional revenue.

DTC Supplements

Short Term Results
Found 34 Immediate Execute items to increase conversions and 156 test ideas

Long Term Results
$719,668 in Additional Revenue Unlocked within 8 months

Chief Product Officer
Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc
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$719,668 In Additional Revenue Generated From Existing Traffic In 8 Months By Increasing Conversion Rate By 9.95% And Average Revenue Per User By 15.56%
stagering 51.48% increase in AOV and 9% Increase In revenue
$2,435,542 in unlocked revenue with an AOV of +25.70%
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