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Do you want to grow your store but are you stuck and overwhelmed because there are so many options, theories, tips, tricks & hacks out there?

We are business owners ourselves and know how hard it is to scale a business and how overwhelming all the options and opportunities can seem. We’ll help you focus on what really matters: the 3 levers that will accelerate your growth. 

With this process, we have successfully grown the stores of all of our clients with 50 to 150%.

Accelerate your growth

We will help you accelerate your growth by turning more visitors into buyers, more buyers into repeat buyers and by increasing the average order value.

E-commerce Growth Marketing Agency - Dexter
E-commerce Growth Marketing Agency - Dexter
E-commerce Growth Formula - Dexter Agency

Customer-centric and data-driven

No more struggling and trying tons of things out without making real measurable progress, but a structured, customer-centric and data-driven approach that will grow your revenue.

E-commerce Growth Formula - Dexter Agency

Hi, I’m Joris and I run this thing here.

E-commerce Excellence Podcast with your host Joris Bryon - Dexter Agency

*Any resemblance to fictional persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I’m originally from Belgium, you know, the land known for its beer, fries and chocolate.  And for its World Record for going the longest time with no government, smashing the previous record held by Iraq. (< We’re pretty proud of that. We even had a big party to celebrate it. Don’t ask. We’re weird like that).

I spent two years in Malta after absorbing 35 years of bad weather in my native country. And I now live in sunny Valencia, Spain. ¡Olé!

It all started back in 2014 when I started out as a solo conversion optimization consultant. That quickly grew into a conversion optimization agency specialized in e-commerce. Right now we’re a team of 7 full-time specialists – supported by a network of top-notch freelancers.

Our team members live in Malta, the Netherlands, France, UK and the US. Yes, that also means that although I am not a native English speaker myself, we do have native English speakers in our team (just in case you’d wonder).

And it means we get to have video calls all the time
– yay, they’re fun:
In 2018 I decided to write down all my experience with conversion optimization for e-commerce and explain our unique framework we use for it – The Dexter MethodTM

But I got frustrated after a while. Because clients kept dumping cold traffic to their site that didn’t convert and wasn’t ready to convert yet. That was where the clients stopped: dump ‘m on the site, and then all they did was:

Fingers crossed they’d convert. But of course that’s not enough. But I saw this happening over and over again.

So, I started looking for ways to convert all that cold traffic, apart from making our clients’ sites better through A/B testing. By using clever marketing automation, retargeting, lead magnets, and so on.

But why stop there? I realized not only most stores, but also most agencies are only focused on the traffic part. We have a tremendous amount of knowhow inhouse about increasing the revenue of online stores and we were only using a fraction of it by only doing conversion optimization and A/B testing on our clients’ sites.

So I decided to step it up a notch and started helping our clients with all 3 other levers (besides traffic) that help their revenue grow. Because I felt like Michael Scott in The Office doing parkour – unstoppable.

So, what does that make us?
A conversion optimization agency?

Nah, I think it’s more than that now.

A digital marketing agency?

Hm, I think we’re more holistic, more channel-agnostic and we use more of these fancy ‘‑istic’ words in one sentence than a traditional‑istic digital‑istic marketing agency.

So I’d say we’re a growth marketing agency for online stores. But at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how we label ourselves. It’s all about the results we get for YOU.

If they can do it, you can too…

Anyway, just because those gifs are so fun, one last gif. Now that you know what we can do for you and who’s running this… the ball’s in your court.

To be honest, I’m not sure what’s still holding you back, come on, you can do it, click this button and get in touch. Even if you’re not sure yet. There’s nothing wrong with having a chat, is there?

We have worked with clients like

Airsoft Station.com
Virgin Trains